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Umbra is a stealth game in which you are invisible when you move, meaning you have to stop once in a while to see your character. It also means that enemies can't see you when you move. It is a game where you need to protect an altar from creatures called Umbras by placing traps and baits. The Game is divided into two phases; day and night. In the day you place traps and baits planning your moves against the Umbras. In the night you must discreetly move and activate your traps but don't get caught by the Umbras or it will be game over.

Windows 64 bit Build Only

WASD to move
Right Click for Crytals ( to bait enemies)
Left Click for Traps 
Space to activate traps during the night

Made by 5 lovely people !!! :3
Nicolas Galipeau
Chloé Brodeur
Émile Brodeur
Annie Lafrenière
Madeleine St-Pierre


UmbraBuildFinal.zip 181 MB

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